Project: Holy Eco Nuts

green-energy.Holy Eco Nuts is a code name for an amazing new green technology.

It is a deployable PROCESS in a tiny package that essentially manufactures a battery using solar energy. This process builds this battery using incredibly complex technology, harvesting all of the materials it needs right from its surroundings including the soil and sky. The mostly maintenance-free self-construction of the battery takes about two decades but once fully assembled it can last for over 120 years!

Most importantly, during and after self-construction period it performs a vast array of ecological services that no other tech on the market can even come close to providing all in one package.

  • Enriches the soil the battery rests upon.
  • Prevents topsoil erosion.
  • Absorbs CO2 directly from the air.
  • Facilitates biodiversity by providing habitat and even food for a variety of species.
  • A large enough installation of this technology will literally attract rainfall to the deployment site.

1-nature-photography-spring-season-mumtazshamseeThe battery itself will begin producing enough energy to fuel its own construction immediately and in a few years will begin producing enough energy so that some can be re-routed for personal use. Re-routing some of the energy it produces actually helps the self-construction process! The battery stores its energy in the form of an anisotropic material made of mostly cellulose.

Another unbelievable feature of this technology is that after 10 years the system is capable of self-replication. The self-replication process itself is imperfect so only some of the Process Packages it produces will be viable. But this process is imperfect for a reason. It is designed so that viable Process Packages should, on average, be better adapted to the conditions in the environment in which the, “parent,” battery finds itself.

If you’re interested in this technology please email



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